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STAY TUNED - plans for June 2018 Freezer Burn workshop, TBA!!


March 2018 - No One Here Gets Out Alive: A Conversation and Encounter About Death, Dying & Living - Breathing Room Yoga Studio, Calgary

January 2018 - Medicines, Madness & Mysticism: Decoding the Psychedelic Labyrinth for Entry into a New Year, Calgary 

October 2017, Mental Health and Peer Support Group, "Into Autumn Without The Fall," A Conscious Mental Health Strengthening Experience

July 2017 - Sangha Festival of Medicine, Cochrane, Alberta - Psychedelic Revival: A Return of Sacred Medicines

February 2017 - Somatic Side of Psychedelics: Breath, Body and Soul - A preparation and integration experience featuring psychedelic-informed therapeutic work. 

January 2017 – Make Way for the New: Psychedelics and the Process of Letting Go

December 2016 - Pathways Through The Darkness - Psychedelics and Healing from Trauma

October 2016 – Calgary Holistic Death Network – Psychedelic Medicines: Shining a Light on Death

June 2016 – Freezer Burn (Alberta Regional Burning Man event) – Through the Veil: Psychedelics and Death & Dying

May 2016 – Tribe Festival – Psychedelic Revival: From the Dancefloor to the Doctor’s Office

May 2016 – No One Here Gets Out Alive: Things We Don’t Talk About on the Dancefloor

July 2014 – Motion Notion – Psychedelic Peer Support

November 2015 – Alberta Burning Man Decompression - Medicines and Madness - Psychedelic Psychotherapy Q&A

2007- current – Sanctuary / PsyCrisis / Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Peer Support Trainer