About Tarzie McLean

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I am a therapist with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. I have been working in counselling/mental health, community development and systems transformation for about 20 years, including individual, couples and family support, group facilitation and training, program development, project management, and provincial health system work. I have always been very curious about what motivates us and what makes us who we are. I have been interested in helping and psychology and the human condition ever since I remember. Even when I was a kid, I was very inquisitive about figuring out people and the different circumstances that wind together to create our realities.

Through my work, I am honored to walk beside clients on their journeys to greater understanding and creating meaningful change. I find great meaning in helping people make sense of factors that affect their ability to live a life that is desired. I am strongly committed to helping shape and improve clients' understanding of their issues so they are better equipped to bring forth transformational shifts. 

My educational background also includes training as a death doula / end-of-life care facilitator, as well as completion of an intensive clinical psychedelic psychotherapist training in 2016.

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